5 Things Not to Do While Washing a Car

On this topic, we would like to share our experience and knowledge on 5 Things Not to Do While Washing a Car. This can be done in a variety of ways. Some use a 2-bucket system so that dirt does not stick to the microfiber cloth, and some use a small bucket. Some people pour more car shampoo so that the foam becomes more abundant, and the viscosity is high. It is up to the individual to decide which is best.

However, improper washing practices can result in you losing hundreds of dollars because you have to send to car detailers due to scratches and swirl marks that are more numerous and clearly visible.

5 Things Not to Do While Washing a Car

5 Things Not to Do While Washing a Car Summary

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  1. Don’t use dish detergent or any other type of soap as it can strip away your car’s protective wax coat.
  2. Don’t scrub the car’s paint with a harsh brush or abrasive material.
  3. Don’t wash in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  4. Don’t forget to rinse off the soap with clean water, otherwise it can leave a residue.
  5. Don’t forget to dry with a microfiber cloth or chamois to prevent spotting.

Do not use Dishwashing Liquid

The first thing we will describe in episode 5 Things Not to Do While Washing a Car is not to wash with dishwashing liquid. Let’s take a look at this based on our experience and knowledge. Many believe that using dishwashing soap can clean our car paint just like keeping the skin of the hands smooth and soft. This is all a lie because dishwashing soap contains a high solvent content that is suitable for kitchenware.

Car Detailer Tips: While dishwashing soap keeps hands from peeling, it doesn’t keep your wax layer at all. It will thin the layer of your wax or sealant.

It is difficult to remove stains on white car paint and the use of dishwashers is not recommended although some dishwashers can remove stubborn stains that stick to car paint. Use a powerful car shampoo to remove tough grime.

Car Detailer Tips: Do not experiment on your car paint such as using a thinner or sandpaper to remove tough dirt.

Use brands such as Meguiars Gold Glass Shampoo and Conditioner or Meguiars Hyper Wash can remove stubborn dirt such as mud and rainwater stains effectively.

Do not wash the car under the scorching heat of the sun

5 Things Not to Do While Washing a Car

The next thing in the article 5 Things Not to Do While Washing a Car is not to wash the under the scorching heat of the Sun. Look for shade such as under a tree or in a garage to prevent wash soap from drying out and seeping into the paint layer. Not a problem if washing in the open area but rinse quickly so that the soap bubbles do not stick into the paint layer. Rinse with strong stream water evenly so that dirt and soap bubbles are not on the surface of the paint. Visible spots if the wash soap is dry and sticks to the surface of the car paint.

Detailing Tips: If there is no shade from the sun, you need to soap one part of your vehicle and quickly rinse with water. Perform this step until all parts are completed. For example, soap the roof part and rinse, followed by the hood part then rinse. And so on until all parts are completely washed.

Do not use All Purpose Cleaner Liquid

The third thing in 5 Things Not to Do When Washing a Car is not to use all -purpose cleaning liquid. Hard dirt is sometimes very difficult to remove by washing with soap. The use of all-purpose cleaner is not recommended even when diluted because it will affect the appearance of your vehicle paint. The all-purpose cleaner liquid should not be left to dry as it will seep into the base of the car paint layer.

Detailing Tips: It is not recommended to mix all-purpose cleaner liquid with car shampoo because the shampoo itself also has its own solvent. If the dirt cannot be removed, you should find another alternative that is by doing a clay bar treatment. We will teach you on how to treat your paint using clay bar.

Do not use bleach and alcohol

The fourth thing in 5 Things Not to Do When Washing a Car is not to use bleach and alcohol. Bleach has too high of acidity rate and can corrode anything if you put it on the paint. Bleach can easily dilute your clear coat and make the color less shiny.

Detailers Tips: By diluting the bleach can have a serious effect on the clear coat. Avoid bleach even if used for a while.

The use of alcohol also does not help to get rid of tough grime. The use of alcohol can actually remove the layer of wax or sealant that you apply to the paint. If used excessively, it will melt the vehicle’s clear coat. From the cost of repairing expensive vehicle paint that have to be borne, it is better that you buy detailing products to get rid of tough stains.

You can use Turtle Wax Scratch and Swirl Remover or Meguiars Bug and Tar Remover.

Don't wash without car wash soap

Let’s follow the next thing in 5 Things Not to Do While Washing a Car that is do not wash without wash soap. Washing without soap is a forbidden one because the paint will definitely be scratched. You are not aware because there is a lot of coarse dust scattered all over the surface of the car paint. Dust and dirt attached to microfiber towel are the main cause of your vehicle paint being easily scratched.

If you do not have wash shampoo or have run out of shampoo, follow these steps, run with tap water only without wiping away the water. A blower is the solution to this situation.

Detailing tips: Microfiber towel traps water very efficiently. Improper use such as wiping a dirty and washing not using car shampoo can result in the paint being badly scratched and there are swirl marks.

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