Fish Medicine on Aquarium

Fish Medicine is a very important topic when our aquarium ornamental fish are sick. A lot of things have been done like water change, filtration wash (sponge on top filter, sump filter, canister barrel wash and hang-on filter) but the fish show no signs of healing and still get sick.

The fish in your aquarium will show the following signs of illness: –

  • Refuse to eat.
  • Always restlessness.
  • The body is always itchy on aquarium accessories.
  • Be aggressive.
  • Fin rot.
  • The gills breathe fast.
  • Swim upside down / stagger.
  • Dull and not vivid colors.
  • Not moving (static in one place only).
  • Easily startled.

The above symptoms if not treated immediately will lead to death. Traditional treatments such as putting aquarium salt (Epsom Salt) are a quick and cost-effective method from buying expensive fish remedies. In fact, not all fish diseases can be treated with aquarium salt.

Fish Medicine on Aquarium

Fish Medicine on Aquarium Summary

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Tell us about Fish Medicine on Aquarium

Fish medicine is a type of medication used to treat fish in aquariums. Fish medicine can include antibiotics, anti-fungal medications, anti-parasitic medications, stress relief, and treatments for various ailments such as skin sores, parasites, and bacterial diseases. Depending on the type of medicine, it can be given either orally, through injections, or through a bath.

Regardless of the method of administration, fish medicine is typically used in conjunction with other treatments, such as proper water temperature and pH levels, as well as nutrition for optimal health. It is important to carefully follow the instructions for application, dosage, and frequency when administering any type of medication for fish. Improper use of fish medicine can result in adverse effects and even death.

What are the symptoms that require fish medicine on aquarium?

Best Fish Medicine Seachem, API, NT Labs, Ocean Free

The symptoms and medicines are:

  1. Ornamental Fish Refuses to eat: “Yesterday my Discus was good, today doesn’t want to eat…” That’s the question that plays in our minds when the ornamental fish we keep is suddenly in a bad mood and doesn’t want to eat. Usually, we would put salt and the fish medicine we used was Seachem ParaGuard because we suspected there might be external parasites disturbing the fish’s emotions at the time.
  2. Always Restless: The ornamental fish will cup its face in the aquarium glass and move up and down rapidly. This matter is very serious if not treated immediately. You can treat this disease by using Eiho Prazi Gold fish medicine.
  3. Fish Body is always Itchy against Aquarium Accessories: We, humans have hands to scratch if the body itches. But an itchy fish will scratch on gravel or aquarium accessories to get rid of the itchiness on its body. Use Seachem ParaGuard to solve the problem of itchy ornamental fish. You may also use Seachem Stress Guard.
  4. Fish Becoming Aggressive: The calm nature of fish in aquarium water is a natural trait present in ornamental fish. But being aggressive can cause injury to the fish itself or to other fish.
  5. You can use fish medicine like Seachem KanaPlex, Seachem ParaGuard, Ocean Free General Aid Special and API General Cure to overcome aggressive fish problems.
  6. Fin Rot: You can use S1 fish medicine or Seachem ParaGuard which has been proven to solve the problem of fish fin rot.
  7. The Gills Breathe Fast: If you see fish gills breathing heavily, use API General Cure fish medicine.
  8. Swim Upside Down / Stagger: If this happens to your ornamental fish, use S1 fish medicine mixed with aquarium salt. Can also use Ocean Free General Aid Special fish medicine.
  9. Open Wounds and Tissue Damage: Most likely there are parasites in the aquarium and restrict movement in the aquarium. Use API Melafix to treat new tissue growth and treat fish wounds.
  10. Dull and Not Vivid Colors: Your fish looks like it has velvet disease. Use Ocean Free Medication Super Slime, White Spots and Velvet Away. Can try a bottle with a content of 120ml.
  11. Not Active or Slow Moving (static in one place only): Use S1 Anti Bacteria Fish Medicine or Ocean Free Fish Medication Super Internal Bacteria and Ulcer Away. Can try a bottle with a content of 120ml.
  12. Fish is Easily Startled: For easily startled ornamental fish, we use NT Labs Anti-Parasite & Fungus fish medicine for 5 days. You can also use S1 Ant-Bacterial Fish Medicine or Azoo Triple Black Water to darken the aquarium water.
  13. The Fish Became Very Frightened and Incoherent: Use Interpet Anti-White Spots products for instant result. There is a 100ml bottle for you to try. We also use the API Pimafix All Naturals from Mars Fishcare USA because the natural ingredients can prevent fish from feeling scared and incoherent.
  14. Cannot Recognize the Fish Master: If the fish suddenly doesn’t recognize you, use the Microbe-Lift Arowana Herbal Bacterial Disease Treatment. There is a volume of 473ml that you can try.

Such long list of fish medicines that you must have as an arsenal to fight fish diseases. Hopefully the above tips can breathe new life into your aquarium fish care! Let us get information about the 10 best fish medicine for your aquarium.

Premium and high-quality brands of fish medicine are Seachem, API Mars Fishcare, NT Labs. The quality brands you can try are from Eiho, Azoo, Aquadine, Ocean Free and others. All fish medicine products have a specific function. Sometimes a fish disease cannot be cured with 1 medicine only but needs a combination of several types of fish medicine because the fish disease is almost similar but requirement different treatments.

The best fish medicine will depend on what type of issue the fish in the aquarium are dealing with. Some of the most common fish medicines include antibiotics, anti-sickness medicines, water conditioners, and stress coat.

There are many fish medicine available in the market. Each fish medicine has its own role. There is no one medicine can cure all diseases. So, what are the best fish remedies? Please read to the end about the best fish medicine used by us based on our 15 years of experience in keeping ornamental fish.

As a preamble, we keep dozens of wide variety Discus Fish. Among them are Discus Leopard, Snakeskin, Checker Board Discus, Melon, Blue Diamond and many more. The question is, what ornamental fish are the most difficult to keep in an aquarium by an aquarist? Yes, Discus is one the most difficult fish to keep and we need to spend more time and attention than other ornamental fish.

The most difficult aquarium ornamental fish to be kept by aquarists is the Discus Fish. Known as the ‘King of the aquarium’, Discus needs more care especially when sick. Discus easily get sore and it is very difficult to maintain a bright body color. It’s easy to stress. So, the relationship between fish keeper and Discus Fish must be close.

While Discus Fish is very understanding of us, it is also easy to sulk. So, show your love and concern when playing with her.

What are the advantages of Fish Medicine on Aquarium?

The advantages of fish medicine on aquarium are:

  1. Fish medicine helps combat fish diseases and can help prevent the spread of disease among fish.
  2. Fish medicine helps to promote healthy growth and development in fish.
  3. It can also ward off parasites, algae and other pests, making aquarium maintenance easier.
  4. Fish medicine can help to improve the water quality and clarity by eliminating toxins and pollutants, thereby helping fish to stay healthy.
  5. Regular medicine dosages can improve the overall health of the fish and thus improve the aesthetic value of the aquarium.
  6. Fish medicine can also provide essential nutrients such as vitamins, helping to prevent nutrient deficiencies from developing.

What are the challenges of Fish Medicine on Aquarium?

The challenges of fish medicine on aquarium are:

  1. Cost: Fish medicine can be costly and may require multiple treatments or regular use of medications to provide effective health care for fish.
  2. Aquarium Maintenance: Medicine may require additional, precise aquarium water parameters, such as pH and temperature, and conditions to be maintained, otherwise it can lead to toxicity or affect the effectiveness of the medication for the fish.
  3. Compatibility: Different types of medicines are not always compatible with each other or with aquarium conditions. These medications can be detrimental to certain fish, invertebrates and beneficial bacteria in the aquarium.
  4. Research: Research is often required to determine the best course of action, as well as choose the right medication and dosage protocol.
  5. Accessibility: Veterinary help and access to certain medications, such as antibiotics, may be limited or hard to find depending on the location.

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